"Sibelius-Akatemiassa Eija Kankaanrannan ja Ritva Koistinen-Armfeltin johdolla opiskellut Pölönen [nyk. Salo] on jo nyt vakiinnuttanut paikkansa esiintyvien kanteletaiteilijoiden kärkikaartissa. Hän on silmin nähden kotonaan konserttilavalla, niin solistina kuin kamarimuusikkona."

- Emma Kuntsi, Kantelelehti 2018


Juulia studied kantele performance at the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts in Helsinki. After graduating as Master of Music in 2017 Juulia has worked as a freelance musician and kantele teacher. 

Juulia has performed a lot both in Finland and abroad. Her performances in recent years include playing as a trio soloist with the Joensuu city orchestra in 2020, solo concerts at the Three Palaces music festival in Malta and in Prague Arts University in 2019 and her debut concert at the Helsinki Music Centre in 2018 awarded to those who graduated with distinction. 

In 2015 Juulia won the 3rd International Kantele Competition while also receiving an official recognition of excellence for her performance of the virtuosic kantele solo piece Toccata by Pekka Jalkanen. 

In addition, from 2016 to 2020 Juulia was employed as a musician to perform for the thousands of international visitors in the Rock Church of Helsinki.

Juulia collaborates with other musicians and composers on a regular basis and has premiered several pieces for concert kantele by composers such as J-T Vesikkala-Wittmacher, Patrik Kako, Michaela Augustinová, Heidi Hassinen, Dante Thelestam, Esa Ylivaara.

With interesting new projects and collaborations on the horizon Juulia is currently enjoying an artistic working grant kindly admitted by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland while also working as a kantele teacher in Nurmijärvi and Keskinen Uusimaa music schools.

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